• Over the years, funds given by individual contributors are indexed and accumulated. When the amount given by an individual donor reaches
    the minimum established by the university for a scholarship endowment, the donor can designate a name in whom a scholarship award will
    be made in perpetuity. Annual scholarship awards are made honoring the names of these listed below.
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  • Anthony & Mabel Booth
  • Beverly Joy Brennen Booth
  • Denny Booth & Marvel-Jean Dahl Booth
  • A John & Violet Brennen
  • John E (Jack) ’27 & Jean Brown
  • Gerald & Fern Coutant
  • John Feldman
  • Maurice & Ruth Hunt
  • Robert Maurice Hunt
  • Frances Agar Lalonde
  • Knights of Pythias in Memory of Raymond Kay
  • Thomas F Robinson
  • Emmett Tomcyek
  • Sault Area High School Class of 1972