Supporting LSSU Students


Purpose of the Foundation:

“The LSSU Foundation exists for the sole purpose of promoting, receiving, managing and disbursing certain private donations and contributions for the benefit of Lake Superior State University”

Agreement between LSSU and the LSSU Foundation, Preamble, reaffirmed April 18, 1997

“The purposes of the Foundation are (1) to create an awareness within the private sector of the financial needs of the University that are not met by State or Federal support and (2) to implement plans … for the meeting of these needs through private gift support.

“To fulfill these purposes, it shall be the responsibility of the Foundation to institute an organized program for obtaining gift support from alumni, friends, faculty and staff, corporations, organizations, and private foundations for both annual and capital purposes, in coordination with the University.”

Agreement between LSSU and the LSSU Foundation, Section 2.2, reaffirmed April 18, 1997.

Did you know?

  • The Big 80s

    The LSSU Foundation, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Michigan on December 27, 1983 as an educational and charitable foundation for the exclusive benefit of Lake Superior State University . Our corporate offices are located in the Lukenda Alumni House on the campus of LSSU.

  • 501(c) Organization

    The Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury, of the United States determined on August 9, 1985 that the LSSU Foundation was a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c) 3 of the tax code and is not a private foundation under 509 (a) (1) and 170 (b)(1)(A)(iv).

  • Oh Canada

    Canada Revenue Agency states that Lake Superior State University is listed in Schedule VIII of the Canadian Income Tax Act and Regulations. As such, any donations made to the University by Canadian donors can be used as a tax credit when filing their income tax returns. Please refer to Regulation 3503 and Schedule VIII for further information.

  • Federal EIN

    Our United States Federal Employer Identification Number is 38-2576021.

  • Licensed

    The State Attorney General licenses the LSSU Foundation, Inc. to solicit charitable donations. Our license number is MICS8476.

  • Audit

    The LSSU Foundation, Inc. conducts a yearly-certified independent audit of its finances.