lssucrabbtremblaygradBonnie Crabb-Tremblay was a 1976 graduate of Lake Superior State College, earning degrees in both nursing and psychology. Her love and support for her patients came with many hugs and phenomenal clinical skills. Bonnie earned the respect of her peers and doctors alike as her clinical assessment skills were profoundly accurate. Early on in her career, she was given the title of “The IV Queen”. Bonnie was one that regularly challenged the status quo for the benefit of her patients. That said, she was never boastful, as she knew her biggest gift was the ability to take care of any person in any situation. Her lifelong goal was to make sure the nurses she mentored delivered the most exceptional patient care. In keeping with their mother’s wishes, her family established this named scholarship to recognize a unique, driven, and compassionate nursing student as they pursue their BSN and begin their own life’s journey in a career that Bonnie loved.