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Celebrating the Upper Peninsula

On Monday, September 6, Lake Superior State University is participating in 906 Day, which is a very special day set aside to celebrate the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This year we hope to raise $5,000 in support of the Fund for LSSU from Monday, September 6 through Friday, September 10.

The Fund for LSSU uses annual gifts to LSSU to address the university’s areas of greatest need and opportunity. The annual fund campaign  allows donors to make a difference at LSSU. Gifts to the Fund for LSSU help underwrite projects that support or enhance education and the student experience.

Through a grant process, students and full-time faculty and staff can apply to use funds from the Fund for LSSU for projects that support or enhance student education and the student experience at LSSU. The projects must fall under one of the four pillars: philanthropy, infrastructure, enrollment, and student professional development.

How can I help?

By making a gift that is meaningful to you, you’re providing critical support to student education and the student experience at LSSU.

2021 recipients

Here are just a few of the many 2021 Fund for LSSU recipients.

Veillette YouTube Graphic


The LSSU Foundation Grant award was used to address an immediate need for clinical placement and clinical realism through the purchase of the Nursing Anne Simulator geriatric add-on skin set. Learn more. 


Assessing how oxygen concentrations affect day and night water column distribution and migration patterns of zooplankton in Monocle Lake.

Countdown to 906 Day


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