Hockey Team Meal - Dec 2022
Some of the best bonding moments for Laker Hockey over the years and decades with the program is during team meals throughout the season – the team becomes your family. Team meals play a crucial part in that growth and bonding together. As a way to support the program, Laker Hockey is launching the opportunity for Laker Hockey Alumni to sponsor team meals during the season. This will accomplish three things.
1. Allow resources to get directed to crucial areas of need to help the team compete.
2. Show the current team that Laker Hockey Alumni are actively giving back to support the team.
3. Inspire Laker Hockey Alumni to give back to the program.
As part of the program, alumni who give back to support it will receive social media recognition thanking them for supporting a team meal on a specific weekend.

Our goal this year is to raise $15,000, which will cover the team meal the first night of each of our nine road trips this season. Once the road trips are covered, funds will be used to support other team meals during the year.

Hockey Team Meal - Oct 2023

A Special thank you to Terry Hossack (’88) for sponsoring the Michigan State weekend to kick off the season, and for kick-starting this initiative.

There are three level you can give at:

Gold Meal Sponsor

Terry Hossack ’88

Steve Davies ’77

Bob Ciotti ’81

Silver Meal Sponsor

Bronze Meal Sponsor

Kevin Czuczman  ’14

Steve Sherman  ’82 ($600)

Mike Ryman  ’80 ($800)

Monty Beauchamp  ’84 ($700)

Anonymous ’74

Jim Booth ’70 ($650)